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Patient stories

A letter of thanks from H.S. in Bozeman, MT

My insurance “pulled the plug” on my IV treatment and no longer would fund it. I was forced to go without any IV treatments, due to lack of funds on my part. Unfortunately, my health regressed rapidly, while I fought my insurance company. Ultimately, my insurance company denied ANY further treatment for Lyme Disease and my chest port was removed. I truly didn’t know where to turn. How was I going to get the treatment I so desperately needed??

That is when I found the Clinic of Angels! You became my angel and offered to assist me so I could receive the medication I couldn’t live without. Finally my prayer had been answered and someone really cared. You didn’t question my illness or judge me because I couldn’t provide for myself. You gave me hope and a chance to get better and have some semblance of life again. How do you thank an angel for stepping in and giving exactly what you need? I am indebted to you for your generosity and compassion! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! The medication that you have provided is helping me and giving me strength to fight the struggles that accompany Lyme Disease on a daily basis. My struggle is on-going and I am so thankful that this program is here.

~ H.S., Bozeman, MT

A letter of thanks from S.S in Lakeland, FL

I did get better for a time, but now my symptoms are back. I knew that the only way to beat this disease was to fight it again with the I.V. treatment. Dr. Cichon and Sue informed us of the Clinic of Angels so I sent my request for assistance. I was very surprised to hear back so quickly from the Clinic of Angels and even more surprised to find out that they would help me with my treatment.

I am very grateful to them for their help. Not only for my own health, but so that I didn’t burden my family again with my ongoing medical care.

I have now finished the education in my field and have a new job. I have met people less fortunate than myself still struggling with Lyme Disease and the permanent damage it has done to their bodies and to their lives. I feel very fortunate to have people care about my health and my future. Thank you, Clinic of Angels, for giving me a chance to experience being a “healthy” young adult, for giving me hope, and for allowing me to have a new beginning in my near future.

~ S.S., Lakeland, FL

Lori’s story

I am writing this letter today to say “Thank You” to the Clinic of Angels. I am a patient of Dr. Cichon’s and I have been battling some very complex health issues for over 20 years now. I am currently receiving IV treatments for Lyme, Mycoplasma and other infections. Being chronically ill all these years has been financially devastating and without the help from the Clinic of Angels I would not be able to afford these treatments.

Words cannot express my gratitude. Saying thank you just seems so inadequate. But please know that I am truly grateful for your assistance and the opportunity to have access to such an experienced expert in this field, Dr. Cichon. It is such a blessing to have him here locally. I have met so many individuals who travel such long distances to seek treatment.

Prior to starting these treatments I had completely given up hope that anything was going to improve. I had accepted that my future would be just as the last 20 years has been, pretty miserable. Now, I have seen improvements in some symptoms that I thought could never happen. I feel encouraged for myself and others who are struggling just like me.

Again, I want to say “Thank You” for making this all possible. Not just for me but for others as well. God’s blessings to you and all who make this possible. Your generosity is greatly appreciated more than words can say.

~ Lori E.

A letter from Jim D.

To the staff at the Clinic of Angels:
The Clinic of Angels has been instrumental in saving my life. Due to your support, I believe that I am well on my way to a full recovery. I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude.

~ Jim D.

A letter from Mary S.

I was so sick from Lyme Disease I could hardly get out of bed, and the pain was terrible. After my insurance company denied payment for IV antibiotic treatment, I felt a loss of all hope and desire to live. Thanks to funding from the Clinic of Angels, I received my treatments and today am almost pain free and living a wonderful life. I will forever be grateful for the support and help you gave me. It saved my life!

~ Mary S.

Aysel’s story

Almost a year ago, our family was struck with a severe health crisis with no insurance and no apparent means to financially seek care. In our desperate effort to find help, we discovered the Clinic of Angels. The first leg of our journey has resulted in a normal life for our son. Now we are moving forward with my husband who is stricken with the same disease and we are expecting nothing less than a full recovery as well. Without the Clinic of Angels this would never have been possible. We are eternally grateful!

~ Aysel

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